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Become a Contributor

Become a Contributor

FX Empire is expanding and we are looking for independent writers who are experts in their field, to contribute to our news portals.

Why FX Empire?

FX Empire delivers reviews and analysis, the majority of which come from independent writers who are experts in their fields.

Contributors who have articles published will have individual profile pages to which published articles are linked providing the contributor with the opportunity to build a strong branding either as an individual or under the contributor’s company. Under the profile page, contributors are able to promote their expertise, company brand, published books, courses and more.

By contributing to FX Empire, articles and analysis will benefit from FX Empire’s strong search engine ranking, raising the profile and works of contributors, supported by FX Empire’s highly targeted traffic source not to mention the ever-increasing collaboration between FX Empire and other leading news portals including, but not limited to, NASDAQ, Huffington Post, the Financial Times, KITCO and more.

Contact us by fill in the following form or by sending your CV/Idea to info@fxempire.com

Editorial Guidelines

  • Exclusivity: Exclusivity is not a requirement and contributors are permitted to publish submissions for publication with FX Empire elsewhere.
  • Plagiarism: Only original works may be submitted. Plagiarised articles will not be accepted and FX Empire reserves the right to suspend authors with any works that are proven to be plagiarised.
  • Content: For publications to be considered, we recommend that submitted articles are concise, while we will require articles to be circa 2,000 words. Shorter contributions may be considered when deemed appropriate. Articles should provide individualistic content enhanced with graphics including, but not limited to charts, video and/or audio sections.
  • Quality: We recommend that contributors review and edit articles before submission, with any articles that have incorrect spelling or grammatical errors requiring significant editing likely to fail our minimum standards. In such instances, articles will not be published.


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